Our Fresh Truffles

Our fresh Truffles are hunted by skilled hunters and dogs, wild, from private woodland.
Traditional methods and tools are used, ensuring minimal disruption to the ecosystem and that truffles continue to occur naturally for generations to come.

Our Truffle imports have a negligible carbon footprint, as only a very small amount of truffle is required to transform a meal for dozens of people. Truffles bring massive environmental benefits to the planet. Hundreds of thousands of trees are planted every year specifically to encourage their growth. It’s a long-term process so these trees are left untouched for decades, absorbing huge quantities of carbon dioxide.

Truffles are grown and hunted largely without machinery or agricultural chemicals, and need very little labour – really just a person and his or her dog.

Our Packaging

We love planet Earth. Some of our Truffle packaging is made from recycled material. All of the Truffle packaging we use is recyclable or re-usable. And none of it has far to travel, as it's also all made right here, in the UK.

  • Box – To protect fresh Truffles and / or Truffle products in transit - 100% Recycled &
    Recyclable. FSC Certified.

  • Tape – To keep things as they should be - From Renewable Source, Vegan Friendly, &
  • Tissue Paper - Embracing the fresh Truffle, ensuring any moisture is kept at bay
    - 100% Recycled, Biodegradable, Recyclable & Compostable
  • Filler Paper – A nest of Eco-cuddles to keep Truffles & products safe and stable in
    transit - 100% Recycled & Recyclable
  • Insulated Liner & Ice Pillows – These guarantee freshness for your fresh Truffle;
    ensuring safety, and flavour and aroma are optimised - Food Safe, Recyclable &
    Reusable (Chilled products only)
Truffle Gift Set