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Some Simple Truffle Recipes & Inspiration

Currently we have fresh Black Summer Truffles (Aestivum / aka “Scorzone”) available. However, the recipes and ideas below will work with any seasonal variety of Truffle.

Truffle Potatoes
Truffle Mash - Mix Minced Truffle through your fluffy, buttery mash. Season with Truffle Salt. Truffle Dauphinois / Gratin - When making your garlicky, creamy...
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Truffle Eggs
Season fried or poached eggs with our Truffle Salt, or sprinkle over Truffle Dust or Earth once cooked. For scrambled eggs, mix into the whisked...
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Truffle Pasta
Start with a pack of our wonderful Truffle Tagliatelle (or you can use any pasta or spaghetti). Cook as per instructions in a salty bath....
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Truffle Butter
If you wanted to make your own, instead of using our amazing Truffle Butter, try this out. Blend a high-quality butter with approximately 5g of...
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Truffle Honey Glazed Ham
Exactly as it sounds... replace regular honey with our Acacia Truffle Honey when glazing your ham. + Serve with a dollop of our incredible Truffle...
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Make Your Own Truffle Condiments
Truffle Mayonnaise Truffle Aioli Truffle Hollandaise Truffle Ketchup Follow your condiment recipe and add a tablespoon of Minced Truffle before dolloping, smearing over burger buns,...
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Truffle Steak
Cook a prime steak to your liking, seasoning lightly with our Truffle Salt. Once rested, sprinkle over our Truffle Dust, or the more textured Truffle...
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Truffle Lasagne
Prepare your lasagne following your recipes, but replace at least one layer of your Bechamel sauce with our White Truffle Cream - a decadent, airy,...
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Truffle Pizza
Add small dollops of our Olive and Truffle Tapenade, Minced Truffle, or Porcini and Truffle Sauce over a Bianci pizza, topped with Teleggio before cooking...
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