Truffle Products

In addition to our seasonal fresh Truffles, we supply the UK with a curated range of premium Truffle Products.
But, if you are looking for Truffle products pumped full of synthetic flavourings and additives - you have come to the wrong place...

Our Truffle products are high in fresh Truffle content and contain far more actual fresh Truffle than most available in the UK (some are made with up to 80% fresh truffle). They contain natural and quality ingredients, are produced to International Food Standards, and you will only find them here at The Truffle Company.



An undiscovered Truffle paradise! Based in Hungary the region boasts amazing Truffle health,
intensity, quality and sheer variety of Truffle species, make it one of Europe's best kept secrets. Trufo have integrated harvesting, processing and packaging Truffle products - from Europe's most ancient forests to table - in state of the art facilities, whilst still utilising local and generational Truffle expertise.
Trufo also strongly believe in a higher-than-most Truffle content in their products, providing
even more Truffle bang for your buck! They are also certified to International Food Standards.

Tartufi Jimmy

Italian provenance and history. Tartufi Jimmy are one of the most well established truffle
producers in Italy, and the rest of the world.
Based in Umbria, Tartufi Jimmy supply over 80 countries globally and have a huge range of 450 gourmet truffle products; from which we have selected our favourite 4!
The company has strong green credentials, with a sustainable forest commitment, reusing rain water, using almost no plastic, and utilising their own renewable energy.
Last year they processed over 50,000 KG of fresh truffle and are certified to International Food Standards.

Pietro & Pietro

Clean air, fertile Mediterranean coastal soils, and mineral rich waters make this the perfect
habitat for pungent Truffle growth, harvested for use in their products.
Renowned for their exceptional perfume and intense flavour, Istrian White & Black truffles are now as sought after as French and Italian Truffle.
Sourcing fresh Truffles from the Motovun forest, Pietro & Pietro - Natura Tartufi are a small, local family business. They have been cherishing and passing on the secrets of hunting Istrian Truffles for 6 generations; producing exquisite Truffle products. They are certified to International Food Standards.