Frozen Black Winter Truffles (Tuber Melanosporum / “Perigord”)



Frozen Black Winter Truffles (Perigord / Tuber Melanosporum); flash frozen to lock in freshness, so they can be enjoyed all year round.

Can be sliced or grated from frozen state (no need to defrost). As soon as they are shaved or grated onto hot food, the aroma and flavour will be released. The you can pop them back into the freezer for another day!

Black Winter Truffles have a strong flavour and aroma, with deep umami, garlic, liquorice, strawberry and mushroom notes. Terrific value for the world’s most prized and coveted winter truffles. Please note, the freezing process will reduce the overall flavour and aroma by around 20%, when compared to fresh truffles. The texture will also be softer, as the freezing process breaks down the proteins in the truffle.

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Storage of Frozen Black Winter Truffles

Keep in the freezer and use (grate / shave) the truffles from frozen. Use in or on hot food. Do not defrost.


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