Diced Truffle & Morel “Veloute” (100g)



Our Truffle & Morel Veloute highlights both the flavour and texture of Morel Mushrooms and Black Summer Truffle.

A fine dice and blend of both of these fabulous fungi, some sun-dried leek and parsnip, salt, white pepper; all swirled with some oil and lemon juice for preservation. 100g total.

We suggest using it for grilled meat, marbled Steaks or Pate, but can be equally enjoyed through a sauce, or on Bruschetta or a fluffy Focaccia.

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Shelf Life: 12-18 months.

Truffle & Morel Veloute Ingredients:

Morel Mushroom, Black Summer Truffle, Olive Oil, dried parsnip, dried leek, salt, lemon juice, aroma, white pepper.

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